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 Post subject: Re: Mystcraft [1.6.4]
PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2014 3:28 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Last build for 1.6.4. Here's hoping it works right! :P

[API]Adds modifier reference key strings to API
[API]Adds toString to Color object
[API]Grammar name changes (to align with new rules systems) (minor API breakage)
[API]IWeatherController has new function for rainfall information
[API]IWeatherController temperature/etc functions based on biome id rather than x,z coords
[API]Refactors the basic modifier rules to make adding modifier symbols easier
[Balance]Following link panels should not be available from villagers
[Balance]Reduces frequency of biome symbol trades and treasure
[Balance]Revises rarity categorization for notebook booster packs
[BugFix]Adds missing symbols to creative notebooks
[BugFix]Fixes instability potion effects not affect players
[BugFix]Fixes items being lost when dropped into empty desk surface
[BugFix]Fixes some empty string issues with Agedata saving/loading
[Config]Adds a config option to enable death in an age to respawn you in the Overworld
[Config]Option to disable desk gen in villages
[Crafting]blank pages to paper
[Creative]Fixes desk backboard not showing up in creative menu
[Grammar]Changes grammar rules of terrain alteration and population symbols (req 1, possibly more if none written)
[Grammar]Rebalances all grammar rules to allow more control
[Grammar]Size-based Biome Controllers have a biome sequence rule and two basic biome rules. 3 biomes will halt extras.
[Grammar]Suns, moons, starfields, doodads, visual effects, terrain alterations, populators, and effects now all work like colors; writing one stops generation of more.
[Grammar]The biome sequence rule (presently used in controllers which can take any number of biomes) now produces at least one biome
[Grammar]Writing a biome such that the biome sequence rule is expanded prevents it from generating more
[Interface]Custom TextBox
[Interface]Fixes synchronization on TextBox entry
[Interface]Fixing tooltip postioning and refactoring
[Interface]Reworked the internals of the GUIs (smoother, and more robust)
[Internal]The random symbol selector will choose a random item from a list of 0-weight items
[Localization]Adds system for symbol name localizations
[Localization]Most symbol display names are localized, but not all. Biomes and colors, for example, aren't.
[Performance]Reduce biome wrapper count
[Symbols]Tiled biome can take more biomes
[Visuals]Fixes some poems to remove a repeat

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.6.4]
PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2014 1:08 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
OK, so that wasn't the last build for 1.6.4. Here's a hot fix.

[BugFix]Fixes crash on server startup
[Compat]Adds names to items (this will cause the game to complain of mismatches, but all should be well)

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Re: Mystcraft [1.7.2]
PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 11:29 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
First build of 1.7.2! The first item on the change log: UPDATE! :P
It's a big item on the changelog. One line does not do it justice.

If you want to see me updating from 1.6.4 on MCP to 1.7.2 using ForgeGradle (all 12.5 hours of it), check out my twitch channel, at twitch.tv/xcompwiz.
The two compat fixes were things cpw mused on while I was doing the update, and I stopped and improved them while I was there.

Hope you all enjoy!

[Compat]Improves falling block item drops
[Compat]Changes most checks to use isAir instead of Blocks.air
[Symbol]Adds symbols for new log types
[Visuals]Minor tweaks to book entity rendering

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.7.2]
PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 1:27 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Note that this version requires at least Forge 1083 (as did the last one). I actually have been working in Forge 1085, so it's possible that you have to have at least that, but this shouldn't be much of an issue. Many mods require much later versions. Tested up to Forge 1112.

Also note that some of my entities will evaporate in this update. They shouldn't be major, however, as these entities have short lifespans to begin with.

I've also rebuilt part of my API.

Otherwise this update is largely bug fixes, some new symbols, and new visuals. I've added in some localization stuff as well and made the spawnmeteor command more fun for map makers. Oh, and you can hear meteors coming, now.


![Forge]Requires forge version 1083
![Internal]Renames some entities (Existing mystcraft falling block entities, dropped books, and meteors will be lost)
*[Known:BugFix]Writing into a blank descriptive book doesn't cause the symbols to appear visually (though the writing does occur)
[API]Reinstates interfaces for dimensions, the grammar, words, and rendering
[Audio]Added sound effects to meteors
[Balance]Increases the frequency of meteors
[Balance]Meteors are smaller and marginally more frequent
[Balance]Reduces the frequency at which meteors place ores
[Balance]Revises grammar rules for random populators, etc. slightly
[Balance]Tweaks check for which blocks can support player spawn points in ages
[BugFix]Fixes decays not correctly detecting air blocks
[BugFix]Fixes dims created with myst-create not having link panel pages
[BugFix]Fixes entities not arriving at other side of link portals
[BugFix]Fixes grammar incorrectly parsing written tokens
[BugFix]Fixes some issues with book data not updating correctly in GUIs
[BugFix]Fixes weighting of items in boosters (pages were being choosen evenly within rarity groups)
[BugFix]Horses should now correctly drop inventories when going through disarm portals
[BugFix]Move age seed retrival to custom world info (fixes generation of some things being identical across all ages)
[BugFix]Prevents setting of world time via WorldInfoMyst (fixes double tick)
[BugFix]Prevents symbols which fail to load properly from crashing game (symbol only disabled)
[BugFix]Zombies going through disarm portals drop items according to correct drop chances
[Commands]Fixes time command to be able to set the time to dawn/dusk in worlds with arbitrary dawn/dusk times
[Commands]Adds '?' randomization prefix for command coordinate numbers. Will randomize value by factor around command caller.
[Commands]Adds coords to spawn meteor command
[Commands]Fixes command blocks interaction in Myst commands
[Compat]Allows WorldInfoMyst to be used to set the Age's spawn point
[Config]Adds functionality to disable the archivist by setting the id to 0 in the config
[Interface]Adds a loadup checker system for startup
[Interface]Adds page searching to desk GUI
[Interface]Loadup checker checks to see if any symbols failed to load properly, and provides a gui listing any failures
[Localization]Adds localization for link effects
[Localization]Adds localizations for pages
[Symbols]Adds Organic block category
[Symbols]Adds Packed Ice block modifier (solid, fluid, terrain, sea, structure, crystal)
[Symbols]Adds spikes (pointy block clusters) symbol. Can take a structure block modifier.
[Symbols]Amplified Terrain Page. Works like normal terrain, only amplified.
[Symbols]Changes how block modifier symbols are constructed and managed, making it possible for them to have different weights per category
[Symbols]Fixes grammar rules for deep lakes, allowing them to get gasses randomly
[Symbols]Lakes no longer generate grass or mycelium
[Symbols]Logs are marked as valid Organic blocks
[Symbols]Makes Dirt less commonly chosen as a terrain modifer, but more commonly selected as a solid or structure modifier
[Symbols]Makes Ice a valid crystal block
[Symbols]Makes Obsidian a valid Terrain block
[Symbols]Rebalances some other block modifiers against each other
[Visuals]Edits desk texture
[Visuals]Fixes bounding box on desk backboard
[Visuals]Fixes cloud render
[Visuals]Fixes Mystcraft lightning being invisible (is vanilla lightning invisible in 1.7.2?)
[Visuals]New Models
[Visuals]Portal color is now based on book name (temporary; in transition)
[Visuals]Replaces desk and backboard item textures (Thanks Triangulo!)

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.7.10]
PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:05 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Well this build took a while...
This one contains the big rewrite to instability from blocks calculations. It was a major change and took lots of time and testing to get down. Thank you everyone for being so patient.
I've also rebuilt part of my API. Again. Lots of it is still missing.

I have a list of things to fix queued up and I'll be getting builds out with fixes in no particular order fairly soon. Going to try to shift towards a release schedule now. ;P
The balance is hopefully better than it was, but it's still by no means "done." This was a big step in what I hope was the right direction, though.

Note that I have been working in Forge 1180, so it's possible that you have to have at least that. This probably isn't much of an issue, as many mods require much later versions. Tested up to Forge 1224.


Updates to 1.7.10
[API]You now get the MystAPI instance via IMC
[BackCompat]Prioritizes existing instability effects in existing ages in new deck system
[Balance]Crumble Effect: Adjusts Speed
[Balance]Revises DenseOres to match standard generation amounts and distributions
[Balance]Caps stability from writing scorched or lightning to occur once
[Balance]Updates duplicate writing and accelerated symbol to match new scaling
[Balance]Revises balance numbers for resources (existing ages will calculate to slightly too stable)
[Balance]Adds a small amount of instability to cave worlds
[Balance]Adds a small amount of instability to bright lighting
[Balance]Sets availability calculations to consider tracked blocks as more available
[Balance]Sets availability calculations to consider fluids as more available
[Balance]Sets availability calculations to consider all "air" blocks as available
[Balance]Revises number and distribution of effects into tiers
[Balance]Changes how quickly effects are added based on instability score
[Balance]Makes lecterns in libraries always get items
[Balance]Makes lecterns in libraries force generated pages to be rarer in general
[Balance]Crumble Effect: Improves Mappings
[Balance]Symbols for instability effects now give full value for the instability effect (stability score)
[Balance]Removes innate instability from dense ores (replaced by values from ores in world)
[BugFix]Fixes decay blocks dropping
[BugFix]Fixes notebooks being built with different ids from those later in use
[BugFix]Attempting to use an empty bottle on ink blocks now does nothing
[BugFix]Fixes mod fluids not getting instability factors
[BugFix]Fixed an issue with null page treasure items
[BugFix]Fixes issue with crystal formation generation preventing structure generation
[BugFix]Fixes dimensions being unregistered inappropriately
[BugFix]Fixes an infinite stack loop when combined with COG (Fixes getting biomes while building chunks causing an infinite loop)
[BugFix]Fixes a minor issue in the logger
[BugFix]Fixes error in using myst-create without args
[BugFix]Fixes the biome ordering in the grid and tiled biome controllers
[BugFix]Fixes placing desks by block item so it works the same way as the item form
[BugFix]Fixes Crystal Receptacle TE not being removed properly
[BugFix]Modifiers, Basic notebook now has correct contents
[BugFix]Fixes a crash bug from portal colors
[BugFix]Fixes sync on book binder between multiple clients
[Config]Makes mod fluid instability factors optional, allowing for code changes without breaking configs (See http://pastebin.com/9v8eeRCy)
[Config]Adds config options for generated fluid symbols
[Config]Adds option to ban fluid symbols from seas
[Generation]Changes spawn platform to cobble stone to prevent void platforms from being converted to sand during world gen
[IMC]Removes old IMC handling
[IMC]New IMC messages (blacklistfluid, blacklist, register, fluidsymboldata) (Reference: http://pastebin.com/QZe3GkM0)
[Instability]Changes decay blocks to only tick if an effect which can add them is in the world (they tick more often with more levels)
[Instability]Refactors potion effect instability effects
[Instability]Splits most (potion) effects into global and surface effects
[Instability]Adds wither effect
[Instability]Adds enemy resistance effect
[Instability]Reduces duration of all effects
[Instability]Replaces symbol-based block instability with chunk averaging system
[Instability]Ages from older saves will generate an additional 400 chunks (closest ungenerated chunks to spawn) in order to produce average chunk estimates. THIS MAY LAG SOME.
[Instability]Replaces effect selection mechanics completely
[Instability]Erosion removed
[Instability]Decay blocks will appear in an age over time if the relevant effects are active in an age
[Instability]Adds default values for mod fluids
[Interface]Prevents picking up an opened notebook from the hotbar
[Localization]Changes names of biome controllers to improve clarity
[Network]Reduces network packet overhead on the book binder
[Performance]Prevents InstabilityController from rebuilding unless the instability score changes meaningfully
[Performance]Makes decay no longer give off light
[Performance]Improvements to falling block performance
[Performance]Decay no longer zaps fluids
[Performance]Utilizes canUpdate on TEs, to improve performance
[Saving]Saves sorted order of effect cards (new effects added to end of existing order on existing ages)
[Symbol]Adds Grid symbol, which works like tiled but understands terrain gen better
[Symbols]Renames and revises contents of notebooks
[Symbols]Prevents obelisks from generating over void
[Symbols]Moves Tiled poem to grid, fixes tiled's poem
[Symbols]Adds localization for Grid symbol
[Symbols]Floating Islands can take STRUCTURE blocks as modifiers
[Visuals]Reduces resolution of desk texture
[Visuals]Adjusts Link Modifier model position (was too low)

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.7.10]
PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 3:02 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
I've been running low on time to do anything Mystcraft/modding related of late. To keep people from having to wait too long on new stuff, here's an update.
This adds baseline profiling for instability, so configs which increase (or decrease) vanilla ore distribution will be accounted for. Other mods can register things to the profiling system now.

This also made major changes to how descriptive books and notebooks work. Hopefully things are improved there.

Symbol collection should be smoother now, in theory. It's not all done, but it's better.
I'm aware that the villager trading stuff is a bit off still, but you can convert emeralds to booster packs now, so that should help a lot.


Major Changes:
Baseline profiling
Notebook -> Folder/Portfolio
Descriptive books don't register dimension until first used to link
Massive changes to rarity for symbols

[Balance]Block instability baseline values are automatically determined
[Balance]Default dangling modifier instability value increased
[Balance]Makes flux goo seabanned by default
[Balance]Replaces flat weights system with rank-based system in grammar and treasure generation
[Balance]Symbols without a rarity ranking cannot be obtained
[Balance]Revises booster contents slightly

[Mechanics]Dimensions are no longer registered until the first link attempt is made
[Mechanics]A newly made descriptive book (not yet visited) will not make a usable portal

[Generation]Handles new biome direct generation (ex: Mesa Biomes; specific Biome population elements)
[Generation]Updates stone noise to match vanilla generation

[Items]Splits notebook item into portfolio and folder
[Items]Existing notebooks map to new folder item
[Items]Pages now stack to 64
[Items]Portfolios are collection items, allowing easy tracking of a symbol collection (akin to a CCG)
[Items]Folders function much like notebooks before, useful for organizing and ordering a set of pages
[Items]Adds sealed folder, which takes the place of generated notebooks (new booster packs; right click to open)
[Items]Book names are limited to 21 characters

[Crafting]Adds recipe for portfolio
[Crafting]Changes recipe for folder
[Crafting]Makes folders a valid book cover material

[Trading]Implements basic core of villager shop system
[Trading]Mystcraft Villagers no longer use the vanilla trading system
[Trading]Right-clicking on a mystcraft villager brings up their shop (WIP)

[Interface]Right-clicking a text box clears it
[Interface]The page surface is auto-sorted (A-Z) client-side (respects localization)
[Interface]Duplicate pages in a portfolio in the surface are stacked
[Interface]A show all button has been added to the page surface to show all in-game symbols
[Interface]Improves horizontally scrolling page gui element
[Interface]Improves surface element
[Interface]Folder/Protfolio right-click bring up gui with surface view

[Audio]Replaces pop sound (Minecraft no longer works with WAVs)

[Visuals]Adjusts link panel disabled grey-out effect
[Visuals]Improves symbol rendering

[Localization]Updates to localization files (See GitHub)
[Localization]Alters localization key of symbols

[Config]Prevents auto-config gen of mod-blacklisted fluids

[API]Refactors MystObjects
[API]Moves Color and ColorGradient back to API
[API]Adds drawColor back to IRenderAPI
[API]Adds function to get BlockCategory by name
[API]API for symbols and instability effects reinstated. Some elements remain in need of cleanup.
[API]Makes the ChunkProfiler handle blocks by unlocalized name key (allows for blocks w/ metadata)
[IMC]Adds IMC message handler for building block modifiers
[IMC]Adds IMC message handler for specifying block instability factors
[IMC]Fluid config message flag "rarity" replaced with "cardrank" (int)
[IMC]Fluid config message flag "grammar" replaced with "grammarrank" (int)
[ModCompat]Adds a tickcounter for clientside use on the world info override object
[ModCompat]Correctly uses/handles Quartz generation event

[BugFix]Fixes issue with error handling in IMCHandler not giving full log
[BugFix]Fixes crashbug with empty desk tabs
[BugFix]Fixes the can snow here check
[BugFix]Fixes the Mexican jumping books and block ejection
[BugFix]Fixes a bug with interacting with empty surface tabs
[BugFix]Fixes an issue with viewing linkbooks to removed dims
[BugFix]Forces folder used as covers to be empty
[BugFix]Fixes pickup/drop with folder on binder (1 item in folder looked empty)
[BugFix]Fixes read order of block modifiers on terrain symbols to match grammar generation
[BugFix]Command created books get pages as previously written
[BugFix]Fixes localization for missing world in TPX command
[BugFix]Fixes dim registration for ages (trying to register existing dimensions now fails correctly)
[Tweak]Minor changes to library generation

[Performance]Optimizes ChunkProfiler

[Other]There is a fake dimension created for baseline profiling which is not saved and generates a little every tick until profiling is completed
[Other]Chunks from baseline dimension only keeps ~32 most recent chunks
[Other]Descriptive books now store own data (not in AgeData)
[Other]AgeData file does not exist until first link through the descriptive book
[Other]XCompWiz no longer spawns with glasses

[Debug]Implements new debug system for accessing internal live data
[Debug]Revises debug command autocomplete and value addressing
[Debug]Adds global profiling data (stability calcs) to debug tree
[Debug]Adds more information on bonus stability system
[Debug]Adds debug instability value controllable from debug tree (ex: set agedata_#.instability.debug 100)

KNOWN_ISSUE: You get a lot of (nearly) useless folder items...
KNOWN_ISSUE: Villager trades still incomplete

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Re: Mystcraft [1.7.10]
PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:30 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Here's a new build with various fixes and improvements to the baseline profiling system.
This includes some in-game notifications and indication to expect lag, as well as an option to prevent clients from connecting while a dedicated server is profiling.
Lots of performance improvements, so the lag should be very manageable now.


[Symbol]Adds Sandstone block modifier. Valid as Terrain, Structure, and Solid.

[Performance]Constrains the possible chunks for generation in the baseline profiling dimension
[Performance]Only attempts to generate a single chunk per tick for the baseline profiling
[Performance]Fixes the baseline profiler generating chunks on both sides of the server tick (now runs at end of tick only)
[Performance]Optimizes the vanilla-mystcraft array indexing mapping functions to eliminate a major bottleneck

[Config]Adds "B:options.profiling.baseline.disconnectclients" which, if set to true, will prevent clients from connecting while baseline profiling is ongoing (Only works on dedicated servers)

[Visuals]Adds a notification to inform the user of ongoing profiling
[Visuals]Adds a notification to inform the user when profiling is completed
[Logging]Adds log message for profiling start/end

[ModCompat]Handles the ReplaceBiomeBlocks event such that mods can use it to modify the arrays (mapping back to Mystcraft arrays happens even if the event is set to DENY; vanilla decoration is skipped in that case)

[BugFix]Fixes chunk unloading for the baseline profiling age. This should improve performance.
[BugFix]Fixes ItemPortfolio.addPage not handling folders with gaps
[BugFix]Fixes a crashbug when linking or interacting with books during profiling
[BugFix]Fixes dummy world not having all information before World.Load event called
[BugFix]Changes timing of replacing the chunk provider system in the dummy world (before World.Load event)

[BugFix]Fixes array mappings for chunk generation

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.7.10]
PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:20 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
This build is just to add a little Easter "easter egg." Shouldn't be hard to spot, but it will only happen on Easter.
There's not much else to it. Didn't have much time to work on things this week due to holiday stuff for the Easter break.


[Seasonal]Adds Easter feature

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.7.10]
PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:16 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
I started the week by nailing some issues in the GitHub. Localizations have been improved, libraries should generate properly, and some other bugs have been knocked out.
I also improved performance for generation (my mapping optimization missed a spot) and today I threaded the chunk profiling, which is kind of a big deal.

The chunk profiling being threaded means most of the initial new-world lag is gone and new dimension lag is also similarly improved. It's a huge performance improvement for the server thread.
One of the caveats of this is that, when saving, the profiling needs to be checked as completed, so if the game tries to save an age then the server (saving) thread will pause until all profiling is completed (even other dims'). I intend to make it dimension specific later.


[Performance]Threads the profiling of chunks, dramatically improving generation/initial profiling lag
[Performance]Slightly improves mapping functions (remnant code)

[Interface]Handles shift-clicking of items from inventory into open portfolios (writing desk and held item)

[Localization]Allows creative spawned notebook names to be localized by the client spawning them
[Localization]Adds a formatted localization key for the "Biome" wrapper on biome symbols (biome names not localized).
[Localization]Adds a formatted localization key for the "Block" wrapper on block symbols.

[Visuals]Fixes clipping of text for page surface element
[Visuals]Fixes a GUI render issue when placing books into lectern/stand slots

[BugFix]Fixes library generation height determination
[BugFix]Fixes archivist houses not storing generated height across sessions
[BugFix]Fixes NPE issue with external elements referencing WorldInfo spawn point before it's set

[API]Changes "modname" of Mystcraft API to "Mystcraft|API"

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

 Post subject: Mystcraft [1.7.10]
PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 6:13 pm 
Mystcraft Developer
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Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:33 pm
Posts: 3961
Fixed some bugs and things.
Rotatable Ink Mixers, Link Modifiers, and Book Binders.
Bit of API stuff. The API is beginning to ramp up some more, so I'll hopefully get the API public again in the near future.


[Visuals]It's now possible to place Ink Mixers, Link Modifiers, and Book Binders such that they face the player

[BugFix]Fixes blank pages not being removable from portfolios
[BugFix]Fixes paper being destroyed when dumping notebooks into portfolios

[ModCompat]Forces Mystcraft world providers to report the DEFAULT world type (though worldInfo reports "save level" type)
[ModCompat]Attempting to rotate Ink Mixers, Link Modifiers, or Book Binders with a wrench causes the block to rotate clockwise

[API]Adds IItemPortalActivator which can be applied to an Item to allow it to activate Mystcraft portals and control what happens on collision

I am the Mystcraft Dev.

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